Transceive Communications Inc

RF Wireless Communications Infrastructure deployment, repair and maintenance

TCI has introduced to the Wireless industry a tool so revolutionary that there has been nothing like it before. With this tool, any installer can have the confidence that the azimuth set for panel antennas is what the RF Engineer wanted. TCI's AccuSite Azimuth Tool will fit most panel antennas on the market today. Designed, developed, and tested by the installers of TCI, the AccuSite Azimuth Tool is easy to use. By mounting the sighting tool on the antenna, any installer can literally aim the antenna with pinpoint, laser accuracy to the azimuth specified by the RF Engineer.

No more guessing in a field where the stakes are high. Wireless sites must perform as they were designed or they will fail to live up to their full revenue potential. With TCI's AccuSite Azimuth Tool, the only thing left to speculation is the installer's ability to operate a compass properly and how to correct for the magnetic declination.


AccuSite Alignment Tool

Ever shoot a gun without a sight? Just aim in the general direction, fire, and hope for the best? Funny scenario if you're watching a Three Stooges movie. But, for the Wireless Industry this scenario happens every day when panel antennas are installed, changed-out, or adjusted for optimization. The funny part goes out the window when you consider that there are literally thousands of cell sites where the installer aimed the antennas as best as they could in the general direction that they were given.

Wireless carriers have spent vast sums of money to build their sites in relation to the network they've mapped out. Deviating from the RF plan leads to poor coverage, interference, and dropped calls. While most of these issues can be traced and dealt with, the dilemma with antenna azimuths still goes back to "hoping for the best." Ultimately, the carrier experiences lost revenue when they run into these problems. For the installer, this may lead to a warranty call back to the site to "fix" the problem. With all things being equal, like sweep tests and height verifications, the one thing which still cannot be 100% verified is the antenna azimuths....until now.