Transceive Communications Inc

RF Wireless Communications Infrastructure deployment, repair and maintenance


Company Profile

Transceive Communications Inc. (TCI) founders have over 15 years of aggregate experience in the RF wireless industry. Our focus is to provide the wireless industry with a professional and reliable company to handle the new construction, modifications, and maintenance to cellular phone sites.

This is accomplished by having knowledgeable and experienced employees who are well-trained and versatile.

Our quality will be seen in the work provided and the experience our customers have in dealing with TCI.

Site Services

Transceive Communications Inc, (TCI) presents the perspectives of a diverse spectrum of leading industry professionals in examining the full world of wireless services and technologies, offering firsthand knowledge and insight into developing successful business strategies to remain competitive and profitable into today's mobile and fixed wireless markets. TCI offers the very best services in all aspects of Wireless Network Communication Infrastructure. Transceive Communications Inc (TCI) strives to be the best in the Wireless Network Communication Infrastructure market. Global communications, network innovation with Business Strategies, Broadband Technologies, and Wireless Network Operations: TCI is an invaluable resource, providing insight into the issues surrounding the transmission of voice, video and data over wireless networks, either mobile or fixed, as well as strategic solutions for achieving profitability into the future. TCI focuses on the innovations and strategies that are shaping the future of wireless voice, video and data network services. The possibilities of voice and data services over wireless transmission seems endless, but offering such services poses a myriad of challenges involving standards, protocols, and interoperability; form functions and characteristics of receivers and devices; TCI's Quality of Service, and of course, business cases for everything from service providers operating Wireless LANs to multimedia messaging and content delivery to mobile phones is always two steps ahead.